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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Final List of HOF Auction consignments (as of Apr. 26)


Final list of consignments to the Greyhound Hall Of Fame’s annual Dinner/Auction, slated for Tuesday evening, Apr. 26, during the NGA Spring Meet (Apr. 25-30) in Abilene, are listed below. Additional donations will be raffled off or presented as door prizes that evening.


All Meet attendees are invited to the dinner/auction, which begins at 6 p.m. at the Hall Of Fame. A delicious dinner will be served, followed by the auction (both open and silent). All proceeds will go to the Hall Of Fame’s general fund.


Admission is by $10 donation. Besides a great meal and open bar, 10 raffle tickets will be given to attendees at the door.


NGA members wishing to make absentee bids that evening should e-mail to: garyg@ngagreyhounds.com  or call the NGA office (785-263-4660). This should be done by noon, Tuesday, Apr. 26.



·         Storm Control (1 vial) (Steve Schlachter)

·         Time Flies (natural breeding) (Steve Schlachter)

·         WW Apple Jax (H. Hal Gill)

·         Trojan Cruz (H. Hal Gill)

·         Kiowa Sweet Trey, for J.D. Hunt Scholarship (V. Berland & K. Smith)

·         Hi Noon Hero (Vince Berland)

·         Flying Fired Up (Vince Berland)

·         Flying Man Of God (Vince Berland)

·         Flying Sebastian (Vince Berland)

·         Flying Titanium (V. Berland & L. Raines)

·         Venus Espinosa (V. Savill & K. Biehle)

·         Rob Gronkowski (Steve Sarras)

·         KC And All (P. Hamilton & Cole Kennel)

·         SH Avatar (B. Hardison, T. Sugihara & Cole Kennel)

·         Boc’s John Luke (Brad Boeckenstedt)

·         Boc’s Blast Off (Brad Boeckenstedt)

·         Boc’s Blast Off (Brad Boeckenstedt)

·         Superior Product (Alan Hill)

·         Superior Panama (Michael Dunn)

·         DJays Octane (J. Koerner & J. Rangel)

·         AMF Ex President (T. Ferris & J. Rangel)

·         Counselor (Tom Ferris)

·         Craigie Whistler (Kevin Dalton)

·         Trent Lee (Kevin Dalton)

·         Super Lee (Kevin Dalton)

·         CTW Speedy Trent (Kevin Dalton)

·         Pat C Sabbath (P. Collins & M. Schmidt)

·         Pat C Clement (In memory of John Henry & Darby Henry)

·         Last Outlaw (Julie Ward)

·         Aerial Battle (Dawn Bladen)

·         Barcelona Boss (Ryan Farms)

·         Barcelona Boss (Ryan Farms)

·         Golden Squire (Kate D’Arcy)

·         U Too Pure Silk (Charter Kennel & Ken Biehle)

·         SE’s Jet Fuel (Tom Taplin & Jack Sherck)

·         Seldom Told (Sharon Williams & Ken Biehle)

·         Lonesome Cry (Charter Kennel & Ken Biehle)

·         Craigie Mo Town (Craigie Kennel)

·         Fuzzys Cannon (Jack & Mary Butler)

·         Braddy (no return) (Jack & Mary Butler)




·         Female pup (10-15), SE’s Jet Fuel-T’s Chugginalong (Patriot/Taplin)

Purchase price includes raising pup to 1-year-old.

                 .    Lot of 3 pups - IRUSKA ALL STAR - KAY OUTRAGE (Kay Smith)

                                2 females, 1 male. Whelped 11/5/15.  Must be picked up from farm

                                and responsibility assumed.




·         Glass Greyhound Coffee Table (Helen Black Estate)

·         Surgical Implant Service (Dr. Kent Law)

·         Dog toys—5 bones (Carol Becker)

·         “Homestretch” framed picture (Betty Carlson-Jameson)

·         Hooded greyhound sweatshirt (Brett & Donna Weeks)

·         Houndtime greyhound clock (Brett & Donna Weeks)

·         Framed “Winter” greyhound picture (Hall Of Fame)

·         2 Vintage Haeger Pottery greyhound statues (Brett & Donna Weeks)

·         1934/35 Greyhound Hood Ornament on wood base (Brett & Donna Weeks)

·         Malachite Necklace & Bracelet set w/racing GH charm (B&D Weeks)

·         Rainbow Fluorite Necklace/Bracelet set w/Somaliland GH coin (B&D Weeks)

·         Running greyhound wrist watch ( Greyhound Channel/U.S. Off-Track)

·         Hauling: Four greyhounds on regular route (Fred Fulchino)

·         40 greyhound schoolings (Abilene Greyhound Park)

·         Hauling: five greyhounds (Phil Marsella)

·         Hauling: four greyhounds (David Strong)

·         Hauling: four greyhounds, Tx. To Fl. (John Dalton)

·         5 numbered wool greyhound blankets (Jay Childs)

·         Framed picture, greyhound with woman (Hall of Fame)

·         Aug. 6, 1931 Ohio Michigan Track official program; 2 unused clubhouse tickets and 2 free admission tickets to that track; newspaper article on track (Brett & Donna Weeks, in honor of Carolyn Bickford)

·         Framed picture of Joe Dump on event of 28th straight win (Ed Mullen)

·         Greyhound bookends (Brett & Donna Weeks)

·          Dinner for four at Orange Park Track (BestBet Jacksonville)

·         BestBet Golf shirt & golf hat (BestBet Jacksonville)

·         BestBet Hoodie (BestBet Jacksonville)


(Late Additions)

            Gift Cert. for table, dinner for 4 at Southland Festival Night (Southland)

            T-Shirts (one L, one XL) & golf shirt (Gulf Greyhound Park)

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