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First-round action in the Track Stakes begins at 9 a.m. Monday (Apr. 25) in Abilene, officially kicking off the NGA Spring Meet.

Thirteen stakes are scheduled for the Track Stakes, as 319 pups have been entered in the semi-annual event. Of those entries, 277 are consigned to the Pup Auction, to be held later in the week as the Meet’s final event. The Brood Auction, to be held after a portion of the pup sale on Friday night, will feature 26 brood matrons and two artwork items.

Thirty races are slated for Monday’s program, beginning with the February Stake and two January stake divisions. Following an hour intermission, the program will conclude with the first round of two December stakes.

The older pups will compete Tuesday in 48 races, also beginning at 9 a.m. There are two November stake divisions slated, followed by three divisions of October stakes. Following those 30 races and a hour intermission, the August/September pups—breaking into three divisions—will wrap up first-round action.

First-round race program will be posted on the NGA website soon after it’s fully assembled. Auction catalog will be posted when it’s fully assembled on Tuesday.

The Greyhound Hall Of Fame Auction/Dinner begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the museum. Catalog listings are carried on the NGA website.

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