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Friday, May 31, 2019

Time for the best puppies at the racetrack to square off in the finals of the 2019 bestbet Puppy Stakes. Loads of talent adorn the ranks, and as everyone in the final won a round in qualifying, they all have a shot at the title in this effort. It all takes place this Saturday evening, June 1st, 2019 at bestbet Jacksonville in the 11th race in conjunction with our Mad Mad Money Machine and our fan favorite 2nd chance drawings. Make your plans early, or you might just be left out in the cold.

Let’s take a closer look at the contestants and just how this race is going to play out…

1. Pat C Zoe – (Kc And All – Pat C Ciena) is the true veteran and reigning 550 champ at the racetrack. The winner of the 2019 JJPSC, and 30 top grade wins (more than the rest of the field combined.) She will be the one to beat. Posted well and with the worst breaker next door, she gets a false start in this effort.

2. V Twin – (Vina Marina* – Summer Song) is a strong closer that has taken well to the shorter 550-yard course during qualifying. He likes the post, and never finished out of the money in any of his efforts during the rounds. His late speed is his best attribute and he will be making his case once again in the stretch tonight.

3. Pat C Live Wire – (Kc And All – Pat C Ciena) has come into her own right before our eyes and has started to stand out of her sister, ZOE’s, shadow a bit with 4 efforts in a row in the quiniela. She has the same style as he sister, breaking, rushing, and holding, so getting out quickly will be paramount in this race. See woo will have room early, let’s see what she can do with it.

4. Pat C News – (Rico’s Vintage – Pat C April Oak) might just be better than his All-American sister Pat C Rare Deal. Hitting the lid and winning is all he has been doing for a long time. With 3 straight and 8 of his last 10, he is on a mission and could be tough to deny once again. He doesn’t care about the post, just getting out of the box. If he hits it, this race could be his.

5. Dutch Betty Jean – (Superior Panama – Dutch Hilary) is a quick closing greyhound that never finished out of the cash in qualifying. She will need to find a way to the rail in order to be effective in this effort but should get extra room with the big breaker and empty box next door. Winning might be a stretch but finding her way into the money late could be a reality.

6. Gs Travis – (Sh Avatar – Gs April) is another solid closer in this race that is far better than the recognition that he gets on a daily basis. He can run from the edges and is not at all displeased with this starting box. He will need to break better tonight, as he can’t let the early speeders steal too much early on, or his late kick will be for moot at the wire.

7. Arkaskamoonshine – (Gable Sour Cream – Braska Daquiri) is yet another closer that likes the outside post position and can come with a big-time rush at the end of the race. He is the only greyhound to defeat Pat C News as he ran him down in their first-round race. He too will need to break better but upset could be on his mind again in this final round race.

8. Ww Surfer Girl – (Crown And Crest – Wwk Sears) is the wildcard in this effort. She just made it in with a big victory in the semis to put her back in grade A. She is a stalking closer that runs best on or near the early lead in her races. Here she needs to be out front early, if she wants a chance to repeat. This will be a tall task.

As Rusty rounds the corner and the box pops open this will turn into a two-greyhound race from the start. Pat C News and Pat C Zoe are going to be the greyhounds to catch. News will rocket out with the extra room and Zoe will be right there too with no one breaking next to her and with her having the rail. I don’t know if she can beat him to the turn, but she will hang around and she will make it interesting all the way to the finish line. She is not as short late as he has been on occasion, but other times he has looked stronger and stronger on the front end. I think News hits the lid, maintains the margin to the stretch. He digs in deep and holds off everyone at the wire for the win. Pat C Zoe will press the pace with every step she takes around the oval, along with Pat C live Wire. These littermates are no slouches either. Both posses early speed and will be factoring from the get-go. Late they all better be wary of the closers that will come a calling in the stretch. Arkaskamoonshine is the one I would worry about most. She beat, and ran down, Pat C News in round 1 and gets a good outside post position to run from in this effort, but V Twin, could also make a case for the superfecta in the final few strides. News breaks, controls, wins. Zoe challenges to wire. Closers come late, Moonshine and V Twin to try and unseat Live Wire at the finish. (4-1-7-2) Long Play – 14/147/12347/12347 – 14/134/12347/12347