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Monday, February 5, 2018

Blanchard Kennel’s Priscilla Barnes and Pamela Baird have three wins and a third in their last four Grade AA starts for trainer James E. Blanchard.

Charter Kennel’s Barts Deerhunter has back-to-back 3/8 victories (TA, TAA) for trainer Dorothy Tober.

Wayne Ward Kennel’s WW Wisdom Wit has four wins and a second in his last five races (D, C, B, A) for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mate WW Ferrero has three straight victories (M, D, C).

Imark Kennel’s Imark Echo has back-to-back wins (B, A) for trainer Scott Purdy.

A Ray Kennel’s Mac’s Lola has three straight 3/16 victories (TD, TC, B) for trainer Joe Palmer.

I was introduced to greyhound racing by a friend in the late 1970s at Wheeling Downs and fell in love with the sport and the athletes immediately. Throughout the years, I have developed a deep passion for racing. In the mid 1990s, I started writing a weekly greyhound column and shortly thereafter became a writer for The Greyhound Review.

I have enjoyed watching and writing about these wonderful competitors, including All-Americans DD's Nelson, Kiowa Sweet Trey, Gene's Champion, WW Apple Jax, Greys Royalcrown, Nimby TP Jan, Hi Noon Hero, Gable Sour Cream, KB's Ruckus and Cry Case.