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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Form held in the fourth and final round of qualifying for the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup at the Iowa Greyhound Park on Sunday, October 16.

Seven of the greyhounds in the top eight slots on the points list after the third round stayed there, with some minor shuffling, to advance to the championship race.

But the eighth finalist, boy did he climb over a lot of rivals to make the big field. DNT Finbarclancy (T And T Kennel) broke fifth and kept coming to rally in the homestretch to win by a length and ¾ in the opening of the three fourth-round races. The win vaulted the 70-pounder, born June 29, 2014 out of Djays Octane – AH’s Salma from a tied for 16th in the points to sixth for his berth in the final. Finbarclancy will take a 25-8-6-4 record into the title run.

Three greyhounds finished the third round tied for the lead in points. They finished the fourth round first and in a tie for third in points.

JD Accomplice (Stidham), 17-10-4-2, led early and held on for a half-length lead in the last of the fourth-round races. Accomplice finished as the top points earners with 72, based on three wins and a second.

JD Accomplice could easily be favored by the patrons at post time for the IBC

Tied for third with 54 points is Al’s Flyer and BS Rebel. Flyer (Xtrem Hess), 28-6-6-7, had a miserable fourth round, finishing sixth. Rebel (Ward), 30-6-7-2, also struggled home with a sixth.

Leaping into second in points with 60 is RF River (Superior), 26-10-4-3. River had been tied for seventh after three rounds but put on a nice fourth-round effort. She went box-to-wire from the one and won pulling away by four lengths. RF River may draw interest in the final as she won in the last two rounds.

Oya Pawtycrasher moved up a bit from a tie for seventh to fifth with 52 points, passing Joeslittlepebble, who dropped from fifth to seventh with 50 points. Pawtycrasher (Ward), 31-14-7-5, put up a second in the fourth round. Pebble (Copple Kettle), 28-7-6-4, finished fourth in her fourth round race.

Completing the title field is SH Ozaki (Stidham) but only after a big scare. Trouble in the fourth round left Ozaki chasing everyone and he finished last, missing seventh by .01 of a second. The zero points for the last left Ozaki with 48 and tied with O Ya Chatter Box for the last spot in the title race. Going to the first tie-breaker, most wins in the qualifiers, Ozaki got the nod with two wins to Chatter Box’s one.

O Ya Chatter Box (Ward) 18-1-4-8, gets the “not real happy with it” honor of heading up the Iowa Bred Consolation, a run-off for the greyhounds who finished ninth through 16th in the points. It is not the big prize but it is a stakes and some stakes money.

Jason Baconmaker (Copper Kettle), 22-7-3-1, was sixth after the third round but a fifth in the fourth round dropped him all the way down to 18th.

Two greyhounds made big jumps to get into the Consolation.

L’s Tyme (Boeckenstedt), 22-5-4-5, got a second in the fourth round and jumped from a tied for 21st to a tie for 12th. JD Dignity (Stidham), 29-9-6-8, finished third in the fourth round and moved from 20th to 14th.

Kiss My Dust (Black), 28-7-9-4, finished 11th with 40 points. JW’s Go With It (Copper Kettle), 29-9-4-3, tied for 12th with 38.

There was a logjam for the final two spots in the Consolation. Using the tie-breakers – most wins, then most second, most thirds, etc., O Ya Kapow (Ward), 26-5-7-6, and RF Zula (Superior), 18-4-6-1, survived after five greyhounds had earned 34 points.

The $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup and the Iowa Bred Consolation will be held on Saturday, October 22, the last day of the 2016 season at the Iowa Greyhound Park.

Past Iowa Breeders Cup Champions:

1985 – JC’s Rocky 1986 – AC Rocket Star 1987 - Ale Mama’s Gent 1988 – LW Buck Eye 1989 – Teach Pressure 1990 – Mystic Winds; 1991 – Noble Bahama 1992 – Noble Bahama 1993 – Lana Jane 1994 – Crazy Eight 1995 – Lightning Lester 1996 – Lucky Loretta 1997 – Rainier Replica 1998 – Lucky Loretta 1999 – Rainier Rainy 2000 – PC Carol 2001 – Badger Lisa 2002 – Frank Furter 2003 – Cals Pair A Dice 2004 – Pounce It Pooch 2005 – Spider Hole 2006 – Sooner Rush 2007 – Pat C Game Face 2008 – Astartwelvegauge 2009 – Hilco Vision 2010 – End Of Story 2011 – Superior Crown 2012 – O Ya Scout 2013 – Killer Carew 2014 – Pat C Sabbath 2015 – AJ’s Callie

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