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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
The renewal of live greyhound racing in Texas starting in November. It will begin with a 36-day meet at The Valley, with the plan calling for the same type of meet late next year at Gulf; then at Corpus Christi the year after that. Purses will be significant, due to the accrual of simulcast monies throughout the year on the Texas circuit.
It appears the meets will be run only with 16-27 month old pups with no official starts. Objections have been voiced from numerous members about this possible scenario.
The National Greyhound Association Board of Directors, by a vote of 8-to-1, yesterday passed the following resolution and has issued the following statement:
"The Board of Directors of the National Greyhound Association (NGA) wishes to express its formal position with regard to the proposed agenda for Texas greyhound racing-namely, to race only maiden pups, starting in November 2016 season at Valley.
"Whereas such a policy would be unprecedented in the 97-year history of traditional greyhound racing in this country; and whereas it goes to the ultimate extreme of restricting and, in fact, totally banning the rights or privileges of all non-Texas bred greyhounds in North America from racing at licensed, pari-mutuel facilities in Texas, and all other non-Texan greyhound owners in North America from participating as kennels at Texas tracks; and whereas it would only permit unraced, maiden pups on its racing roster-an unprecedented experiment that is entirely contrary to the practice of traditional greyhound racing in America; the NGA, therefore, wishes to state its opposition to these proposed policies.

"Moreover, the NGA formally and respectfully requests the racing authorities in Texas-including the Texas Racing Commission, the Texas Greyhound Association, and all participating racetracks-to not break from traditional greyhound racing and the decades-long tradition of free commerce, and instead, allow for the free flow of all racing greyhounds to compete at Texas tracks,  as well as to recognize the privilege of qualified kennel owners from outside of Texas to be given fair and equitable consideration in the kennel-contracting process."