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Friday, March 4, 2016

HighlyclassifiedVoting in the Flashy Sir (for the year's top router) was much closer with three distance aces in tight contention. In the end, it was Jacobs Racing Kennel's Highlyclassified edging out Naples' Sprite Drive, and multi-distance star B's Headliner (Naples and Southland) was a close third.

Racing for the John Farmer Kennel, Highlyclassified won the $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge at Derby Lane late in the year, having finished second in the Derby Lane Distance Classic and third in the St. Petersburg Derby in the earlier season at Derby Lane. The son of Kiowa Mon Manny-Cantrell posted an 18-16-12-9 record in 60 starts (55 out of 60 on the paysheet) in 2015, and twice came close to breaking the 3/8 record at St. Pete, which was set in 2006. With the meet's three fastest times, Highlyclassified was described late in the year by Review writer Don Jensen as "the fastest 660-yard athlete that Derby Lane patrons have seen in the past nine years."