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Friday, October 25, 2019



Time for the second round of the 2019 First Coast Classic and we get another 7 races full of great greyhound talent to watch, wager, and win on. Three kennels tore up round number one by winning 2 of the races, so let’s see if they continue their red-hot running or, if others will step into the fold and take their place. For sure we have some favorites as we have first round winners matching up in only one of the seven stakes races on the race. There could be a lot of back to back winners heading into round number 3, when the field will be trimmed down to 4 remaining fields of greyhounds. Let’s take a closer look at the races and see of we can get you cashing some tickets this weekend at bestbet.

Friday evening October 25th, 2019 – Round 2 of the 2019 First Coast Classic

Race 4 – Off of back to back wins, Big Backlash has to be favorite to win this race for the three-peat. Posted well on the outside, this stellar rushing greyhound should seize the lead and never look back in this effort. Applying pressure should be Bgr Tinman who is looking to rebound after a tough trip in round number one. Look out for the closing solid grade A Dutch Lantana as well, and Saber Bryce should chase the leaders throughout and find a way to finish in the money in hist 6th straight trip. (8-2-4-3)

Race 7 – Mo’s Tom is finding his break once again, just in time for the rounds of the stakes. Giving a game chase in round 1 in place, here Tom gets a better post and no speed to his inside. I expect him to outbreak and outrush this field of greyhounds to the lead and the wire for the win. Pushing the lead should be the solid grade A and almost always in the money finisher Js Peter Parker. A long way to the rail but has enough early to get inside and will stalk to the wire. Late you need to consider the puppy duo of Pat C Peacebound and Ww Culmination. Both have good late speed and could make a run for the upset if they can get out of the box at all and in the conversation before the far turn. (3-6-2-7)

Race 9 – No doubt about who we are taking here, Super-Pup Lee Liam. Winner of 6 straight and 9 of his 11 starts, he has never finished out of the money, can win with or without the early lead, and has enough left late to draw away for fun against top grade fields. This is the greyhound to beat in the stakes! Next best will depend on who decides to show up. Ship in Charming Nature has a shot. An even runner with 6 straight trips in the money, gets another here. Ww Wasabi is a solid grade A closer that likes the inside post and could threaten if the mood is right, or maybe the other puppy in the group. BWC Murphy who is tough when closer and finally gets back inside here. In the money in 13 of 18 starts, he too could find a way to factor. (4-6-3-2)

Race 10 – Forget the lines, sooner or later Lk’s Countess is going to wake up and crush a field of greyhounds. She is oh so tough on top and just need to remember how to break in order to get there. Here she gets extra room next to the spacer box and has no one by here that can hinder her rush. I look for her to wake up in a big way here. Following the pace should be the next-door neighbor, Arkans Bb Kodiak who likes the post and can threaten when he has something to chase. Ww Baby Jane is a solid grade A that will try early but will be short late as well. This post is not her best, as she loves the rail, but with a good break you never know. Don’t forget about Ice Rylee either. She is really the only greyhound that might be able to outbreak and outrush Countess to the lead. If she sees the front, she still will be caught as she is too short to win. In the money, sure, already has been in 6 straight but winning might just be over her head here. (5-6-8-1)

Race 11 – He might have been a runner-up last time, but its time for Wanna B A Champ to take the top spot. This closer might not be in front early on, but late I think there is no stopping him. He is posted in an ideal spot and will drive to the wire to steal away the W at the finish line. Leading the way early should be the solid grade A Ponda’s Angie. Angie has the best early speed in the bunch and should be unabated to the front end. Her problem is that she is short late and will get run down before the finish line. She will factor in the outcome though, just like she has done in the last 6 races in a row. Challenging the leaders late will be the always closing threat Lee Endo. This greyhound picks up puppies for fun in the stretch and that trend will continue on in this effort. He doesn’t mind the post, but with a slow break, he will most likely be running a little late to the party at the wire. Keep an eye out for Lk’s County Gal as well. You never know what you are going to get from here, especially from the far outside post. If she breaks, she could challenge for the win here, but if she sits, who knows. Just in case, you include her on your tickets. (7-3-6-8)

Race 12 – This is the toughest race on the card. Three first round winners and a ton of early speed to deal with could equal a big mess at the turn or a hard-fought battle from start to finish. Puppy stakes winner Pat C News gets the nod for me. He is the best rusher at the racetrack and can take the lead off of some of the best breakers as they head to the turn. He is short late though, so he will need to pad those numbers early if he wants to win. Redemption Stakes winner Lk’s Alexis is also in this field. She might not have won in round 1, but she was right there throughout. She too can take the lead off a field and never look back. If her nose gets in front, she will win this race. Lee Delila was a round 1 winner that can push the front end as well at the start of any race. She is tough too on the lead and will challenge the early leaders at every step in this race. Surfin Sonny also won in round 1, but it was not against the likes of this field. He can close some late and will need to if he wants to finish line the money in this effort. (3-2-4-6)

Race 14 – She might have just missed in round 1, but tonight she steals enough early to hold on for the victory. Ww Annie Kay has blazing early speed, and no one here will be challenging her for the front end as they rush to the turn. She will be untouched to the lead and will gallop around the racetrack in the clean air up front. Even though she is short late, she will find a way to hold on at the wire to score. Making it interesting will be the first-round winner Pat C Kudos. Better than her lines show, she is a threat when she can be close early on, and tonight she is the only other breaking greyhound in this field. She will shrink the lead late and make it a race to the finish. Arkans Bb Tres is a strong closing solid grade A greyhound that will be continuously gaining on the leaders as she surges up late to challenge again here and watch out for Kells Conor as well. All drive in the stretch, he will come from well off the early pace, you know 7th or 8th, and find a way to get into the money in his second straight stakes start. (4-7-3-6)

The third round of the 2019 First Coast Classic will take place on Monday evening October 28th at bestbet Jacksonville. The field will be trimmed down to 4 races as the action heats up. Don’t miss out.