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Friday, October 4, 2019

Stakes final time here at bestbet Jacksonville in the Redemption Stakes this Saturday evening October 5th. Loads of talent on tap in this one as the top four finishers in each of the qualifying rounds made their way into this final round field. Hopefully we can continue the red hot run here as we had the Trifecta in one qualifying race and posted up a superfecta in the other one on Monday evening. Let’s take a closer look at the race and see if the streak continues on in this effort.

Finals of the Redemption Stakes – Saturday evening October 5th, 2019

Race 11

1. Kells Conor (Kells Dioablo – Kells Believer) is a strong closing greyhound that finished 4th in the qualifying round. Likes the inside post but will have a tough time keeping up as he sits in the box and there are great early speeders here. Rounding out the super might be his best option.

2. BWC Millie (Kiowa Myth – AC’s Ella) talented youngster that has won 8 of 14 races at the racetrack. She has a solid rush, good stalking speed, and can come from off the pace as well to challenge and win. With 4 in a row showing, and a good post position, she will be a tough out.

3. Mo’s Tom (Jax Manny – Mo’s Soul Surfer) another solid grade A rushing greyhound that is tougher on the early lead than off of it. Here that is going to be tough to do as I don’t think he can make the front end. He will press the pace early but will also be short in the stretch.

4. LK’s Alexis (LK’s Vespar – Plover Drive) is the best breaker in the race, but that might not turn into the lead. She is ultra-tough on top and if she gets there, this race is over. She has won 4 of her last 5 races and the empty box next door gives her room early. Favorite to win tonight.

5. L’s Sum Dog (Lonesome Cry – L’s Rovi) is the best closer in the field and the stakes veteran of the bunch. He can gain on anyone when the mood suits him and just missed at the wire in the qualifying from well off the pace. He will have to work from this post in order to threaten.

6. Pat C Peacebound (Dox Out Of Peace – Pat C Outbounds) another talented pup who has finished in the money in 12 of his 13 career starts. He has some good closing speed and can get up late when he gets close early on. The break is key for him if he wants a chance at the title.

7. Pat C News (Rico’s Vintage – Pat C April Oak) is the puppy stakes winner that can outrush anyone to the turn. His only drawback is that he can be caught late with the lead on occasion. He has won 4 of his last 6 races, including 2 straight. He will need to be on top of his game to outlast Alexis in this one to win.

8. Charming Nature (SH Avatar – Hillsong United) recent ship in that has looked good so far at bestbet Jacksonville. Good early speeder that has chased the pace well in grade A, He is a bit short late too and will need to fire out fast if he wants to be in the conversation tonight.

This race is going to be highly contested from the get go. We have two of the best breakers and rushers at the racetrack drawn in together and it will be a head to head, toe to toe, nose to nose, battle for the duration of this effort. Coming out first might be LK’s Alexis as she is the better breaker of the duo, but Pat C News is a rushing machine that rarely gets beat to the turn, even by the best of the breakers at the racetrack. Both greyhounds could see the front end, but only one gets there. For my money I see News just ahead as they round the turn. They will not be alone though as several others will be chasing early and prompting the pace. Upstart BWC Millie has taken the racetrack by storm and gets a great inside post to start this race. Breaking close, expect her to be in the mix as well. Late you have to respect the cagey veteran L’s Sum Dog as no one in this field can close faster than he can in the stretch. News plays it out as long as he can, but in the end, Alexis outlasts him in the deep stretch and he loses the lead, and the photo, for the win. (4-7-2-5)