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Monday, September 30, 2019

Its stake racing time again here at bestbet Jacksonville and it starts out this Monday evening in round 1 of the Redemption Stakes. Two races of the best greyhounds at the racetrack will take up shop with the top four finishers from each race moving onto the finals on Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can get you week started out right with some winners.

Monday evening September 30, 2019 – Round 1 of Redemption Stakes

Race 10 – Tough field of greyhounds here, but let’s go with the upstarts. BWC Millie has been tearing up the racetrack with 8 wins in 13 career races. Currently she has won 4 races in a row in grade A and has been getting it done from on or off the early lead. She has posted up some quick trips and the trend continues on in this effort. She will not be alone though. LK’s Alexis has won 24 races this year and 4 of her last 5 efforts in grade A. She has blazing early peed and is a tough out once she gets her nose in front early on. She is posted well, and if anyone can wire the pup, it is Alexis. Also forcing the pace should be stakes vet Mo’s Tom. Another solid grade A with recent success, 5 trifecta trips and 2 wins in her last 6 starts, Tom has great early speed and could push the pace to the stretch. Let’s not forget about the other pup Pat C Peacebound either. Posted well, Peace has good make up speed and can break on occasion too. Expect for him to be in the mix throughout as he has only missed the money once in his 12 career races. (5-7-4-3)

Race 12 – Veteran time in this effort as the puppy stakes winner, Pat C News, looks for another title tonight. The best breaker, and rusher, in this field, he will be untouched to the front end, steal away a big lead, and survive late for the victory. With 3 wins in 5 races and 5 straight trips in the trifecta, he is going to be tough to deny in this effort. Saber Bryce is a talked up that is just getting accustom to the top level of competition. He has a good break and could push the pace from the get go in this effort. He can be a bit short in the stretch and that could cost him here tonight. L’s Sum Dog is as fast as he wants to be and could run anyone in this race down for fun if the mood suits him. His problem as of late is waiting to long to make his move. He has gears to burn, the best raw speed, but I fear it will be just too late once again for him in this effort. Closing from well off the pace, he will challenge at the wire, but will not be able to get up for the W in time. Charming Nature is a good story for the import from Birmingham. A winner of 7 straight there in grade A, he turned in a great front running trip for his first B win here, and then backed that up with a chasing 2rd place finish. He obviously runs his best on the early lead and will need to come out running if he wants a chance in this effort. Last time News left him in the dust early and he couldn’t catch up. I expect more of the same tonight. (6-4-1-3)

Remember that we will be featuring our 2nd chance drawings on Saturday evening in conjunction with the finals of the 2019 Redemption Stakes.