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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Hall of Fame Auction is scheduled for Tuesday night, April 17 at the Hall. To date we have a great lineup of items. Make sure you join us for a good time and a great benefit for the Hall of Fame.

Main Auction Items

Lot 1: KIOWA SWEET TREY (Vince Berland) (for scholarship fund)

Lot 2: TRENT LEE (Kevin Dalton)

Lot 3: Hauling of 4 dogs on any of Marsella’s regular routes

Lot 4: ZINGER SONIC SAM (Mike Laskey)

Lot 5: ODD GRAYSON (Linda Jones)

Lot 6: Hauling of 4 dogs on any of David Strong’s regular routes

Lot 7: SAN TAN SAVAGE (Ken & Janet Allen)

Lot 8: KINDA CrueL RED (Monte Jacobs)

Lot 9: PAT C SHORT CUT (Pat Collins)

Lot 10: LAST OUTLAW (Julie Ward)

Lot 11: 40 schoolings at AGP (Maury Flynn)

Lot 12: SHOW ON THE ROAD (Plum Creek & Jay Rangel

Lot 13: HIGHLY CLASSIFIED (Monte Jacobs & Vince Berland)

Lot 14: Hauling of 4 dogs Texas to Florida (John Dalton)

Lot 15: GOLDEN SURF (Catherine D’Arcy)

Lot 16: PAT C GATSBY (Pat Collins)

Lot 17: Festival of Stakes Weekend Package (Southland)

Lot 18: SH AVATAR (Robert Hardison & Tom Sugihara)

Lot 19: Surgical Implant Service (Dr. Kent Law)

Lot 20: FLYING FIRED UP (Vince Berland)

Lot 21: PAT C UNPLUGGED (Pat Collins)

Lot 22: TIME FLIES (Steve Schlachter)

Lot 23: TNT STAR WARS (Patriot/Taplin Kennel)

Lot 24: GOLDEN SQUIRE (Catherine D’Arcy)

Lot 25: Hauling of 4 dogs on any of Marsella’s regular routes

Lot 26: CTW PIPE DOWN (Mark Spahos)

Lot 27: COUNSELOR (Tom Ferris)

Lot 28: FLYING HONOR CODE (Vince Berland)

Lot 29: Female Pup Whelped July 15, 2017 (Pat C Clement-Oshkosh Nadena) (Kenneth Biehle)

Lot 30: PAT C GAME FACE (Pat Collins)

Lot 31: ODD GRAYSON (Linda Jones)

Lot 32: Board/Train 4 pups (Sept. 1 - through fall Meet) (Ron Mullen) ($1000

Lot 33: KELSOS CORK MAN (John Kelly)

Lot 34: SUPERIOR PANAMA (Cole Sires/Michael Dunne)

Lot 35: Semen collection and freezing (Dr. Kent Law)

Lot 36: DK’S PRIME TIME (Bob Hardison)

Lot 37: BARCELONA BOSS (Vince Berland)

Lot 38: COSMIC WAVE (Steve Schlachter)

Lot 39: NEED MY MONEYNOW (Sharon Williams)

Lot 40: Hauling of 4 dogs on any of Fred Fulchino’s regular routes

Lot 41: DJAYS OCTANE (Jay Rangel & JoAnn Koerner)

Lot 42: BOC’S BLAST OFF (Brad Boeckenstedt)

Lot 43: Dinner for 4 at Orange Park (bestbet Jacksonville)

Lot 44: SE TALI SUNDANCE (Charter Kennel & Jay Rangel)

Lot 45: PAT C CLEMENT (In memory of Phil Harris)(Patrick Collins)

Lot 46: FLYING WOLF PACK (Vince Berland)

Lot 47: 1 night hotel/dinner for 2 in Pointe Restraunt (Wheeling Island)

Lot 48: CHASMO’S DUTCH (Lester Raines)

Silent Auction Items

S1: $50 Dinner at Naples-Ft. Myers Track (Good thru May 24) (Naples)

S2: Water pitcher with greyhound handle (Donna Weeks)

S3: Bottle of wine and greyhound glasses (Greyhound Channel)

S4: $50 Dinner at Naples-Ft. Myers Track (Good thru May 24))(Naples)

S5: First turn painting signed (Randy Hotchkin)

S6: Greyhound color chart (Arlen Hall) ( for FGA)

S7: Bottle of wine & tumbler (Betty Carlson-Jameson)

S8: $25 Gift card - Hitching Post Saloon & Grill (K & J Allen)

S9: $50 Dinner at Naples-Ft. Myers Track (Good thru May 24) (Naples)

S10: Waterloo Greyhound Park poster (Randy Hotchkin)

S11: 8 numbered greyhound glasses (Gary Guccione)

S12: Pastel painting - Bud Wall (Randy Hotchkin)

S13: besbet men’s Bulova watch (bestbet)

S14: $50 Dinner at Naples-Ft. Myers Track (Good thru May 24)(Naples)

S15: Chrome running greyhounds figurine

S16: 3 novelty greyhound head plaques (Randy Hotchkin)

S17: Multi colored greyhound head plaque (Donna Weeks)

S18: Chrome running greyhounds figurine

S19: Greyound Color chart (Arlen Hall)

S20: $75 Dinner Certificate (Palm Beach Kennel Club)

S21: 2 bestbet Polo shirts

S22: Artificial Lure (Russ Neeley)

 Jim Gartland is the Executive Director for the NGA and serves as the Secretary Treasurer to the Board.