Grant Criteria

The AGC has grants that are available.  Qualifying non-profit Greyhound pet placement organizations should meet the following criteria and be approved by a majority of the AGC’s allocations subcommittee:

1. Must provide evidence of having a tax-exempt number

2. Must provide a copy of charter and list of officers

3. Must provide a summary of its screening procedures of potential pet owners

4. Must provide copy of its spaying or neutering policies (sterilization mandatory before placement)

5. Must provide a copy of all brochures, forms, documents used in its placement process

6. Must provide a brief summary of the numbers of Greyhounds placed in the previous year

7. Must not make false or negative statements about the racing industry (applicant should provide statement on this issue with application, along with any evidence of position)

8. Must provide its fee schedule for placement

9. Must provide a specific explanation as to how the funds requested would be utilized

10. Must provide a financial accountability report of the funds granted (either receipts or audited reports in lieu of receipts) within 60 days of allocation

11. Must provide any letters of endorsement from racetracks, NGA members or others

12. Must detail any intent to use funds for veterinary care for any individual Greyhounds


Funds must be utilized for food, medicines, bedding, collars, leashes, fuel, etc. Standard grants for this fiscal year have been set at $1,250. No organization shall receive funds exceeding $2,500 in any fiscal year. Applicants are limited to capital improvements grants (one or several) total not to exceed $5,000 every five years. There must be some form of matching grant in money, materials or labor. In accepting a grant, a group agrees, if possible, to assist in temporarily housing other Greyhounds in an emergency situation and that it is subject to AGC inspection.

Send grant requests to:
American Greyhound Council, Inc.
c/o National Greyhound Assn.
PO Box 543
Abilene, KS 67410