About Us

The National Greyhound Association (NGA), a voluntary non-profit association operated in accordance with the laws of Kansas.  The NGA is officially recognized by the entire greyhound racing industry—namely, all greyhound racetracks and individual racing jurisdictions, as well as foreign greyhound registries and governing bodies—as the sole registry for racing greyhounds on the North American continent.

Organized in 1906, it has functioned in this capacity ever since the inception of greyhound track racing in this country of more than 2,000 greyhound owners and breeders whose Greyhounds compete at tracks throughout the continent. Records on all breedings, litters whelped, individual registrations, transfers, leases, etc., are maintained at the NGA’s headquarters in Abilene, Kansas.

The NGA’s rigid identification system, the envy of other pari-mutuel racing and animal registries, has played an integral role in maintaining the sport’s impressive reputation as a creditable, major spectator sport.It also is a primary concern and goal of the NGA to promote the improvement and development of the greyhound breed itself, through maintenance of pedigree and Stud-book records dating back to the latter part of the 19th century.The NGA is an associate member of the World Greyhound Racing Federation and a charter and founding member of the World Alliance of Greyhound Registries and the American Greyhound Council.

National Greyhound Association Headquarters
729 Old US 40
Abilene, KS 67410
Phone: (785) 263-4660
Fax: (785) 263-4689